Get your own iQniter account for free!

Get your own iQniter account for free!

Create your own iQniter account

You can now create your own iQniter account by registering at Here you can manage your profile without having to go to the reception at the fitness club if you want to change your nickname, weight, maximum heart rate or something else. Here you can also calculate FTP% and maximum heart rate, although we recommend that you test this directly.

You can use these heart rate belts in the iQniter Cardio Training system if the fitness club has the iQniter v2 heart rate receiver installed. If not, the Suunto DUEL belt works.  

Polar H10
iQniter Smart Sensor
Polar H7
Polar H9
Suunto DUAL Belt
Polar OH1

Creating an account is easy. Here’s how:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Register as a new user”
  3. Fill in the information and select a password
  4. Click “Register”
  5. You will then receive a token / code sent to your registered e-mail address
  6. Copy the token / code and paste in the field where it says “Token” and click on “Confirm”
  7. You have now created your own iQniter account!

Once you have created an iQniter account, you will have full control over your iQniter profile. All changes in the profile must be made to

If you have downloaded the mobile app, you can log on to the app with the same username and password from 

Login to my.iQniter after a session and check your results and participate in competitions.

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