Say hello to iQniter mobile app!

Say hello to iQniter mobile app!

With the iQniter mobile app you can train at home or outside whenever it suits you. Choose from multiple SMART Sessions prepared by leading instructors. Whatever the purpose of your training, you will find a session that match you.

Train efficiently with heart rate

Based on your heart rate the app helps you to stay within your limits and optimize your training. And the Qpoints you collect while you train, keeps you motivated to train so you succeed with your goals.

All you need to get started is your heart rate device and the free iQniter app installed on your mobile.

Download the FREE iQniter app!

Make your training efficient and motivating the easy way. Download the iQniter app and iqnite your training!

What can the app do?

Setup your personal profile

Choose a SMART-session

See your workout history

Add your Bluetooth belt

Become a champ


"Earn Qpoints and compete with yourself and others by using the iQniter mobile app and any Bluetooth heart rate tracker or iQniter belt"
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